Tuesday, January 4, 2011

HUNGER 101AZ Online & Social Networking Community Resources

Hunger 101AZ is rolling into the New Year with a renewed efforts focused toward ongoing communication with the communities and organizations served by St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance across Arizona.

With that focus, I wanted to ensure that you and your team were aware of the range of online resources and social networking tools we are extending for community communications to strengthen existing and develop new relationships with others dealing with the issues of hunger and improved nutrition for Arizonans of all ages.
I invite you to visit the web sites listed below, follow Hunger 101AZ on Twitter, become a Hunger 101 or Food Bank Facebook friend and participate with our various Blogs.
We look forward to sharing ideas, receiving community feedback while moving ahead together to help End Hunger & Change Lives across Arizona.

St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance Web Site  http://www.firstfoodbank.org/
St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/firstfoodbank
St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance Daily Platter Blog  http://firstfoodbank.wordpress.com/
St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance on Twitter http://twitter.com/#!/search/st%20marys%20food%20bank%20alliance

Hunger 101AZ Web Site http://www.hunger101az.org/
Hunger 101AZ on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/Hunger101AZ
Hunger 101AZ Blog http://hunger101az.blogspot.com/
Hunger 101AZ Twitter http://twitter.com/#!/Hunger101AZ

I Can’t WEIGHT Blog http://wunschwomancantweight.blogspot.com/
Ray’s Hunger Blog http://rayshungerblog.blogspot.com/

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