Friday, May 27, 2011

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

YOU Can Make a Difference
... A BIG Difference

NEVER Leave Your Child Alone in a Car (Hyperthermia)

Last year, 49 children died from heat stroke when they were unattended in a vehicle. Data show that between 1998-2010, 494 children have died this way. That is an average of 38 deaths per year. Kids were alone in cars in one of three ways: they were unintentionally "forgotten" w...hen a distracted driver arrived at their destination and left the vehicle with a child inside; they left their car doors unlocked and unsupervised kids gained access or they intentionally left the child alone while they ran an errand. Safe Kids Buckle Up (SKBU) has launched a national initiative to increase awareness to caregivers and deputize the public to act on behalf of any child they may see unattended in vehicles. Bystanders are encouraged to call 911 immediately.
A child could face grave dangers in a very short period of time.
While all states are encouraged to promote this highly preventable tragedy SKBU has identified 8 states where members will establish a steering committee in their states. They are Texas, Florida, ARIZONA, New York, Georgia, Kentucky, Ohio and North Carolina. Safe Kids Buckle Up has developed a speaker's bureau complete with all supporting information and materials. We have already suffered our first fatality of 2011 and hope that through our coordinated efforts, it will be the last.
Safekids Web site:

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance would like thank the members and leaders of Cactus Pine Council Girl Scout Troop 422 who recently visited the Del E. Webb Warehouse for a Hunger 101 session with Chet Provorse.
They apparently already know what to do when it comes to fighting hunger – the troop presented St. Mary’s President and CEO Terry Shannon with a check for $200 and nearly 100 pounds of donated food. That will allow the Food Bank to distribute enough food for 2,000 meals.
Thank you Troop 422 and we hope you enjoyed your visit as much as we enjoyed having you!

Terry Shannon (CEO & President of St. Mary's Food Bank Alliance) enjoys the opportunity to spreak to donors of all ages who join in our efforts to End Hunger & Change Lives.


St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance would like to thank our great friends at American Express for all of their continued dedication in the fight against hunger in Arizona. American Express is fighting the war on all fronts and the management and dedicated employees have taken the challenge to heart.
Just in the last few months American Express:
*     Has donated thousands of dollars to St. Mary’s Food Bank through a matching gift   program, providing enough funds for the Food Bank to distribute 50,000 meals into the community.
*   Held their annual non-perishable AMEX Food Drive, collecting more than 8,000 pounds of food at six locations under the fabulous leadership of Carmen Turca. This food donation comes at a critical time for the Food Bank with the long, hot summer at our doorstep.
*   American Express has had scores of volunteers in the Del E. Webb Distribution Center this past month, sorting food and packing some of the more that 30,000 emergency food boxes St. Mary’s distributed directly to the hungry each month.
That’s more than 58,000 meals and hundreds of volunteer hours from a company that wants a better day for their neighbors.
Thank you American Express. Whether it be food, funds or time, your efforts are overwhelming and much appreciated.
Ideas on how you can also help feed Arizonans in need:

What Can You Do to Fight Hunger in Your Community?

 Ask Max and Jacob Cohen

Max Cohen was among a group of sixth- and seventh-graders who were part of a St. Mary’s “Hunger 101” presentation at the Jewish Community Center in Scottsdale as part of Passover Youth Day of Service on April 17. His mom Andrea said the presentation “hand a hug...e impact on Max” and he came home determined to do something himself to help fight hunger in Arizona.

Max told his younger brother Jacob about what he’s learned and quickly had a partner in his quest. “Later that evening, they were running around the house looking for loose change and pulling money from all their hiding places,” Andrea said.
Their parents quickly got into the act, offering to match any money they raised by doing household chores and soon the two brothers had enough money to help St. Mary’s provide more than 240 meals to the hungry of Arizona. Andrea was a proud mom as she brought her sons to St. Mary’s recently, where the boys presented their donation and received a tour of the Food Bank along with some snazzy Hunger 101 gear to wear this summer.
Thank you to the entire Cohen Family for your donation and your interest in helping those who need it right now. And if Max and Jacob can become hunger fighters, you can too

Monday, May 23, 2011

For the Kids: FOOD DRIVES needed?

You can help feed children. And, we can help you help feed children .  New For You: 2011 Food Drive Resource Packet

WHY: Summer vacation for our children is here, but Hunger doesn’t take a vacation as it becomes even more challenging to ensure no child goes to bed hungry in Arizona.
WHO: I invite you, your family, friends and colleagues to organize a food drive with St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance. Anyone can organize a food drive, including neighborhood groups, recreational clubs, teams at all levels, small businesses, corporations, churches, schools, colleges, as well as special event organizers.
HOW: You can use the basic information, ideas, tools, and resources provided in our new 2011 Food Drive Resource Packet. It includes Arizona Hunger statistics, the Top Ten Most-Wanted items, as well as many creative fun ideas for successful food drives and social media contacts for the Food Bank’s many social media possibilities.
WHEN: Now, or within the next 90 days to help children across Arizona.
NEXT: Get your copy of the new 2011 Food Drive Resource packet, ask questions and/or schedule a food drive, please contact Ray Combe, Food Drive Coordinator at or call our Food Drive Hotline at (602) 343-3173
Thank you for joining us in the fight to End Hunger and Change Lives in Arizona

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Food for Thought

Obesity In America, By The Numbers

What does it mean to live in a nation where one 1 of every 3 people is obeseIn countless ways, obesity is changing the way we work, live, eat and travel.
Here, a sampling of some of those changes:

Myth: Most older adults have their retirement paid off.

Fact: 1 in 3 seniors lives in or on the edge of poverty.
More than 13 million older Americans struggle every day just to pay for food, medicine, and a place to live. They live one health problem, one layoff, one rent increase away from complete financial crisis.
Our elders deserve better.
Let's not let them struggle in silence.

Helpful information for Seniors at 

Source: Mother Jones magazine, 5/19/11

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

GRAND OPENING Value Marketplace

Food Bank Seeks to Help Families and Individuals Stretch Grocery Dollars By
Selling Staple Items Like Meat, Produce and Pantry Items at Discount Prices
With gasoline and food prices spiking and putting more pressure on families to make ends meet in this tough economy, St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance wants to help stretch those grocery dollars further with the introduction of its new Value Marketplace program.
Unlike the free emergency food boxes composed of both donated and purchased items, Value Marketplace is a self-sustaining program featuring 100 percent purchased product of grocery staple items – meat, produce and pantry items – at a substantial discount over retail prices made possible by the large quantities St. Mary’s purchases at one time.
Located at 3003 W. Thomas Road, Value Marketplace accepts cash, debit and credit cards as well as EBT Quest cards (food stamps) and offers an al a carte menu of items – shoppers can select as many of each item as they wish
For a limited time, any transaction over $10 will earn a free five-pound bag of potatoes.
Come see what the Value Marketplace has to offer during the Grand Opening event from 1 – 3 p.m. on Friday May 20 during our grand opening celebration. Taste sample produce items and meat items cooked on the grill. Meet the Arizona Rattlers Sidewinders cheerleaders and selected Rattlers players – and enter a raffle for free Rattlers tickets. Take a shot at the basketball hoop for a $5 gift Value Marketplace gift certificate, and pick up other St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance items.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

GET the News, SAVE a Tree & LOWER Costs.

What a Win-Win-Win opportunity?
The Horn of Plenty (St. Mary's Food Bank Alliance newsletter) is now available online, 24x7 to keep you in the loop about what's been happening and what's coming soon at the Food Bank.
Check it out at:

1 in 4 children in Arizona live at or below that Poverty Level and face HUNGER everyday
Information about how you can help solve this problem available at:

THANK YOU Target – Day of service at St. Mary’s Food Bank

Target – more than 300 strong – volunteers with day of service at St. Mary’s Food Bank

St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance would like to thank our great partners at Target for their incredible day of service at our warehouses in Phoenix and Flagstaff on Friday, April 13.
More than 300 Target employees were hard at work – sorting food, building emergency food boxes and raising the energy level at the Del E. Webb Distribution Center to a fever pitch with their bright smiles and obvious eagerness to help. At the end of the day, more than 5,000 food boxes were built and more than 175,000 pounds of food was sorted and packed.
For that kind of effort in one day, you’d need an army – and luckily we had one, dressed in red and ready to work.
To Paul Magee and his inspiring crew, a tip of the cap for a job well done and an inspiration to all. When it comes to community service, Target always hits the bull’s-eye!
To Volunteeryourslef or with  a group you belong to, please check out our Volunteer Services at:

Monday, May 16, 2011

New breed  & New faces of Americans going hungry
Full Story at

ADVOCACY: Basic Steps to Success

Hunger 101AZ offering an advocacy presentation about “getting your message out” so that others listen and then take Action as you try to advocate for issues and services important to you in your community.

You’re invited to attend the session tiltled Advocacy: Basic Steps to Success offered June 9th (Thursday), 3:00PM-4:00PM in the Del Webb Distribution Center, Multipurpose Room, 2831 N. 31st Ave. Phoenix. There’s limited seating for this training, so discuss and register early.
To register, contact Ray Combe at or 602-343-3164
Hunger 101AZ web site: wwwhunger10!