Tuesday, December 13, 2011

THANK YOU AAM HOA Management Company

St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance would like to thank Tempe-base AAM HOA Management Company for the record-setting virtual food drive on behalf of the world’s first food bank.

Amanda Shaw (President), Ercell Sherman (Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer) and Susan Williams (Vice President of Business Development and Marketing) presented St. Mary’s Chief Communications Officer Sarah Stuckey... with a check for $28,270 at a morning press conference – which included a special $5,000 donation from the AAM company.
More than $23,000 was raised through a company virtual food drive, with employees making online donations to purchase individual items for the food bank. AAM set a goal of $6,000 for the drive, but the generosity of those taking part resulted in nearly four time that amount ultimately raised.
For each dollar donated, St. Mary’s Food Bank can distribute enough food to provide seven meals in the community. That means the total donation from AAM will result in almost 200,000 meals for the hungry of Arizona – a truly special gift, especially at this time of year.
On behalf of the thousands who will benefit from this outpouring of generosity, St. Mary’s thanks AAM and everyone who took part in this event.
Pictured in check presentation photo: Amanda Shaw, AAM President; Sarah Stuckey, St. Mary’s Chief Communications Officer; Ercell Sherman, AAM Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer; Susan Williams, Vice President of Business Development and Marketing; Christina Calio, St. Mary’s Food Bank Development Officer.
Food Bank web site: http://www.firstfoodbank.org/


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  2. Great to here about proactive hoa management. A food drive is a great way to build a stronger neighborhood and a better perception of the HOA. Our HOA is a great organization that takes good care of our property.

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