Thursday, June 2, 2011

Choose My Plate

The United States Department of Agriculture has officially announced the new USDA dietary guidelines symbolized in the shape of a plate called MyPlate.

This updated nutritional approach provides an easier way for the USDA and community nutritional services to teach the public how the guidelines translate into what balance of foods would be beneficial to put on their plates. As soon as the Food Pyramid was turned on its side, it got confusing for consumers.
The Food Plate is provided as easier too to use as a reminder for us to eat a balanced meal every meal. It can be used for those who eat vegetarian meals, low carb, low fat, and even gluten free!
It’s intent is to simplify meal Ideas for Dinner, Healthy Recipes, and More!
The new online resources also have strongly incorporated social media elements with the site which can be accessed at
This resource will be something Hunger 101 begins to share with our contacts through the range of communication and presentation Hunger 101 provides.
As I’ve leafed through the online resource, it looks to be very valuable and much more family, child & local provider user friendly than previous tools which actually were quite good already

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