Friday, August 26, 2011

Be part of the Difference you want to see in the world! 2011 National Student Food Drive

Last year over 30 high schools participated and collected enough for over 145,000 meals while having a great time and winning super prizes and recognition participating with the National Student Food Drive.
In a joint effort with United Food Bank of Mesa, St. Mary's Food Bank Alliance is registering schools across the Valley now so there's still time for your high school to join. Don’t assume some other club or team is doing it for your school.
Touch base with us and we can confirm if another group has already registered your high school. If they have, we’ll let you know who. If no one has yet; your group could take the lead your high school’s drive. Now’s the time with the Kick-Off in late September
Call Chet Provorse 602-343-3169 for more details or to join this great high school food drive.

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