Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hunger 101 AZ believes it's nice to be Ambidexterlist!

Well, I've been checking my Hunger 101AZ Blogger's list. Yes, checking it twice. Checking to see.. Who's been Nice and those  not so much.As anticipated, you ALL have made the "Nice List". Well, except for the somewhat weird lady in the office next to mine... she made the SUPER NICE List!
However, as we always say at St. Mary's "don't count your vacuum-packed chickens before their distributed." After all, this is just one Nice List among millions.
To enhance your chances to be on everyone's Nice List, just keep doing the things you do so well all year to End Hunger. After all, it's nice to be Ambidexterlist!
Check out Hunger101AZ website to learn about how we try to make the Nice List:


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