Friday, November 4, 2011

Aloha Yogurt, Mojo Yogurt and Smashburger Partner with ASU4Food for Holiday Fundraiser

ASU4Food is partnering with Aloha Yogurt, Mojo Yogurt and Smashburger again this holiday season for a fundraising drive to benefit St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance. Here is a look at how each store is approaching their drive:

*From now through Dec. 15, Mojo Yogurt is asking customers who visit any of their four stores located in Phoenix and Tempe to donate the cost of one extra ounce of frozen yogurt – an additional 39 cents – to help the one in five Arizonans and the one in four children who struggle with food insecurity. Last year, Mojo Yogurt collected over $900 during their drive, allowing St. Mary’s to distribute enough food for more than 6,000 meals in the community.

*During the same time period, Aloha Yogurt will be asking customers at their Tempe location to take part in the same offer, with a 40-cent donation, the price of an additional ounce of yogurt, going to support the work of the world’s first food bank.

*Smashburger continues their holiday tradition of helping St. Mary’s at all three of their Tempe locations. Customers who donate $1 to the fight against hunger – which allows the distribution of enough food for seven meals – can sign their autograph on a giant hamburger poster that will be hung in each store and will stay up during the length of the drive. The Food Bank has the buying power to stretch that dollar as far as possible, about 14 cents per meal, to help as many hungry people as possible.

So over the next six weeks enjoy a great meal at Smashburger or a wonderful desert at Aloha or Mojo Yogurt and share the love with a donation to make sure everyone has enough food this holiday season.

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