Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Faith Community Leaders ..there's still time .. HARVEST INTERFAITH FOOD DRIVE

Faith Community Leaders,

As the Summer draws to a close, people of faith are discussing and planning for ways to share with their communities as the Autumn harvest season approaches – gathering and sharing all in the name of ending hunger.
Please take a few moments to consider what your community of faith can accomplish by accepting St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance’s invitation to join the 2011 Harvest Interfaith Food Drive which will kick off Sunday, September 18th and run through Sunday October 2nd.
The Food Bank would be excited to have your faith community joining this harvest of compassion.
Now’s the time to take action that supports your messages of compassion by making a difference with this critical need to feed those among and about us.
We hope you will share our vision and become a power for positive change by joining with the 2011 Harvest Interfaith Food Drive.
For more information, contact St. Mary’s Food Drive Manager Chet Provorse at (602) 343-3169 or by email at cdprovorse@firstfoodbank.org.

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