Thursday, May 26, 2011

NEVER Leave Your Child Alone in a Car (Hyperthermia)

Last year, 49 children died from heat stroke when they were unattended in a vehicle. Data show that between 1998-2010, 494 children have died this way. That is an average of 38 deaths per year. Kids were alone in cars in one of three ways: they were unintentionally "forgotten" w...hen a distracted driver arrived at their destination and left the vehicle with a child inside; they left their car doors unlocked and unsupervised kids gained access or they intentionally left the child alone while they ran an errand. Safe Kids Buckle Up (SKBU) has launched a national initiative to increase awareness to caregivers and deputize the public to act on behalf of any child they may see unattended in vehicles. Bystanders are encouraged to call 911 immediately.
A child could face grave dangers in a very short period of time.
While all states are encouraged to promote this highly preventable tragedy SKBU has identified 8 states where members will establish a steering committee in their states. They are Texas, Florida, ARIZONA, New York, Georgia, Kentucky, Ohio and North Carolina. Safe Kids Buckle Up has developed a speaker's bureau complete with all supporting information and materials. We have already suffered our first fatality of 2011 and hope that through our coordinated efforts, it will be the last.
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