Tuesday, March 30, 2010


THE IDEA: Only through information and knowledge can we even begin to eliminate poverty, food insecurity, and hunger in America.
THE PROCESS: Hunger 101AZ is designed to open people’s eyes and start conversations by sharing presentations, resources and ideas related to hunger and fo...od insecurity with thousands of children, teens, and adults of all ages in the communities that St. Mary’s serves.
THE ACTION: Hunger 101AZ encourages and empowers people to join the Food Bank seeking to eliminate food insecurity, hunger, and poverty in Arizona.
For more information about Hunger 101AZ or to discuss arranging presentations with your team, department, agency partners, or community groups; contact Chet Provorse, Education Programs Manager, Hunger 101AZ at 602-343-3169 or by email cdprovorse@firstfoodbank.org
Now, please spread the word that Hunger 101AZ is ready to help others be part of the solution to hunger in Arizona
Hunger 101AZ web site: http://www.hunger101az.org/

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