Monday, September 21, 2009


Dr. Borlaug, who led the so-called Green Revolution that created bumper crops in once impoverished countries like Mexico, India and Pakistan recently died. In lauding Dr. Borlaug’s achievements, the United NationsWorld Food Program said he had saved more lives than any man in history.
Despite his accomplishments, more people are hungry today than ever and that total should exceed one billion people this year for the first time, according to the United Nations.
How can so many people be hungry when farmers produce enough food, at least in theory, to feed every person on the planet?
The answers are complex and involve everything from American farm politics and African corruption to war, poverty,
climate change and drought, which is now the single most common cause of food shortages on the planet.
Source: New York Times, By ANDREW MARTIN, Sept. 19, 2009
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