Wednesday, July 8, 2009

President Obama can change the course of history by making this G8 the first step towards ending hunger and revitalizing farming as a livelihood

We need President Obama to lead the world in the fight against hunger by committing to: * Invest more – and more wisely – in agriculture so poor people can build sustainable rural livelihoods and rely less on food aid;
* Buy more food aid locally and regionally in emergency situations instead of shipping food halfway around the world, creating waste and delay;
* Help poor communities farm sustainably so that soil can produce more food today without damaging the chance to grow food tomorrow; and
* Target aid to the poorest of the poor, like small-scale farmers and rural communities that depend on agriculture for their livelihoods but are often left behind by traditional aid.
Tell President Obama not to leave anyone behind – we need his leadership on hunger at the G8.

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